We strive to do all we can to get you the Golf Cart that you’re looking for. As your trusted Golf Cart dealership in your area, we pride ourselves on being a cut above the rest with our unrelenting commitment to customer service. With many vehicle shopping options available, we differentiate ourselves by understanding our local Golf Cart-buying community and satisfying its needs; helping valued local customers like you find the vehicle that’s the “right fit.” Our sales team can help you get acquainted with our wide range of inventory, and help you narrow down your choices to find your perfect CART!

To learn more about our dealership and how we can help with your next vehicle purchase, please call or stop by in person. We look forward to meeting you.



  • Committed To Our Job
  • Committed To Having Class
  • Committed To Doing the Right Thing
  • Committed To Hard Work
  • Committed To the Team Concept
  • Committed To the Winning Attitude
  • Belief that we Have The Best System
  • The RIDE is On US!

Since day one, we have endeavored to translate awareness into performance – what in the end becomes a successful relationship – in the most superior way possible. It’s no longer all about how many carts a dealer can sell, but simply more ideas about how many relationships we can build. This principle originates on the phone, at the customer’s home or business, and is embodied in every single one of our deals. We call it “Superior Relationships”.